Veles Heavy Entropic Disintegrator

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137 700 000 ISK

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108 600 000 ISK

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  Ship name Abyss type Abyss tier Loot value Duration  
Cruiser hull size   Ikitursa Firestorm 3 877,845,000 ISK 12:40

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Item description

This medium-sized Entropic Disintegrator is normally seen in use on Triglavian cruisers or battlecruisers, which are able to handle the increased radiation and serious gravitational tidal forces the weapon generates as a side-effect of its operation.

Entropic Disintegrators draw on the tremendous power of the Triglavian singularity-based energy systems to convert exotic matter into a particle stream directed with locally generated entropic force. While powerful, the range of the weapon is limited by the attenuation of entropic forces, which dissipate critically beyond the optimal range. As a result this weapon has no falloff range.

The particle stream generates thermal and explosive reactions on impact, and the entropic forces resolve into a localized gravitational conduit that steadily increases the acceleration on the exotic particles. In effect, the weapon's damage potential increases to a maximum level as long as the particle stream is kept on the same target.

Requires exotic plasma charge ammo types: Baryon, Meson, and Tetryon.

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