1.11 release

1.12 'Abyss Tracker x EVE Workbench' release 2

2023 April 3


  • NEW! Removed the PyFa integration in favor of the EVE Workbench calculation service
  • NEW! Added confirm dialogs to the fit delete buttons
1.11 release

1.11 'Abyss Tracker x EVE Workbench' release

2023 January 31

First release of the Abyss Tracker after beeing aqcuired by EVE Workbench. Contains quality of life changes and rebranding of Veetor's Abyss Tracker to the Abyss Tracker.

  • Rebranded to the Abyss Tracker
  • Fixed various bugs
  • Added the EVE Workbench market data for historic values

1.10 'Negotiation' release

2021 April 19

Feature expansion and major quality of life changes

  • Added support for main/alt character relations #57
  • Added character count indicators for fit comments and answers (Sorry, Caldari Joans!)
  • Reworks the screen after logging in

Minor quality of life changes

  • FIXED Adding a video requires new fit #88
  • Added size tooltip to homescreen's last runs list
  • According to analyticstm most people click 'new run' after logging in. So I added a giant new run button right to the page top.

Under the hood and bugfixes

  • FIXED Fit stats: tier 0 durations ignored #71
  • FIXED Error: cannot delete fits #75
  • FIXED Error: Rodiva fits may now be added #84
  • FIXED Error: Fixes abyss run detail showing 1 used filament for frigate size ships if no before loot was provided.
  • Added E-351 Janice as a loot appraisal tool. The buy and sell prices will show 5 day median values to better reflect loot prices. The appraisal tool of EVE Workbench remains in place, as an automatic failover service. (Solution for #81)
  • Under the hood performance optimization: Added filename based cache busting (no more Ctrl+F5s after patches) stevesouders.com (This was a long time due)
  • The Abyss Tracker will automatically update 'Event xx Proving Filament' item names as their details are announced.
  • Fixed the Fit performance calculation incorrectly calculating with 20 minute runtimes instead of the fit's max type/tier median value
  • Updated the Abyss Tracker to Laravel 8 and PHP 8
  • Added Redis to the uptime monitoring page: https://uptime.abyss.eve-nt.uk/
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the current EFT, video link, and description from showing up in the fields when editing a fit
1.10.1 'Negotiation' release Enhanchement Pack 1
  • Fixed a bug that prevented updating a description if its first revision was deleted.
  • Added streamer tools
  • Added "please hire my team" to the homepage
  • Changed fit search from "tier and up" to lock in tiers.
  • Confines tooltips to chart bounds in the profile activity graph.
1.10.2 'Negotiation' release Enhanchement Pack 21
  • Added a "Run overlay" streamer tool
1.9 release

1.9 'Forecast' release

2020 december 18

Feature expansion and quality of life release

  • Improves tier overview pages by adding historical values
  • Improves drop item pages by adding historical drop values, market details, last 90 days' drop aggregates, item description and external links
  • Adds combined tier+weather overview pages
  • The tutorial section is now curated by KurodaAkira
  • Little enhancement: Improved how the main menu behaves and looks
  • Little enhancement: Adds tooltip indicator to run views
  • Little enhancement: Fixes typos (Issue #16)
  • Little enhancement: Adds an option to export fits to EVE Workbench
  • Little enhancement: Disallows accidentally clicking on submit run buttons multiple times
  • Little enhancement: Adds market history for ship info page
  • Little enhancement: Makes item names clickable in fit detail view
  • Bugfix: Adds missing logistics frigates
  • Improved site performance (Partially deferred CSS rendering and removal of unused libraries)
1.8.0 release

1.8 'Undock' release

2020 november 3

Feature expansion release

  • Adds support for editing fits with revision history
  • New fit submission form overhauled
  • New feature for importing fits from zKillboard or EVE Workbench
  • Fit stats calculator updated to process EDENCOM ships and get updated balance changes
  • Adds Fit questions and answers
  • Adds Fit patch status: untested/works/deprecated
  • Updates module list to November 10 EVE dumppr
  • New loader gif spinner by Manic Velocity
1.7.0 release

1.7 KurodaAkira's modified release

2020 october 2

New features and CCP update catchup release

  • Adds support for destroyers
  • User request: Search now does not limit the number of results at all
  • User request: Searches are now shareable with a link, for 7 days #25
  • Restored the last selected fit functionality - thanks for the patience guys
1.6.0 release

1.6.0 beta 'Howitzer' release

2020 sept 23

New features, bugfix, and CCP update catchup release

  • Adds support for Tier 0 and Tier 6 difficulty - Destroyers coming in the next patch.
  • Improves stopwatch stability and adds stopwatch notifications
  • Adds "My fits" page
  • Improves error message displays
  • Adds fit search filter: Ship usage
  • Merges Ship selection and Fit selection into one dropdown on the new run screen
  • FIXED New fit description field broken with dark theme
  • FIXED Selecting bonus room does nothing
  • FIXED Fit "break even" calculation will now correctly round up instead of rounding down resulting in more punctual data
1.5.6 release

1.5.6 'SOE' release

2020 sept 9

Tutorials release

  • Adds tutorials
  • Fixes broken Youtube embeds on fits
  • Switching light/dark themes will try to return you to the same page instead of the homepage
  • Performance optimizations
The next release will consist of bugfixes and user requested enhanchements.
1.5.5 release

1.5.5 'Bolt' release

2020 august 28

This is a combined bugfix and new features release.

  • Infrastructure changes: Database version update to MariaDB 10.2.33, PHP version update to 7.4, Laravel update to 7.22. Host VPS increased to 4 vCPU cores (was 1) and 8GB (was 1.5GB) memory.
  • Adds EDENCOM ships to the supported ships list: Stormbringer and Skybreaker
  • Fixes broken icon pointing to 'My profile' in the navigation bar
  • On the homepage and infopages, the last runs section will now show run duration instead of submission time
  • Removed proving conduit from new run screen
  • Added "Remember cargo" toggle and made it clear in Settings
  • Added auto-redirect function for messages
  • Added "return immediately to new run after saving" button
  • Added donations display to homescreen
  • Adds ordering for fit search

1.5.4 'Circadian' release

2020 june 6

This is a combined bugfix and new features release.

  • Initial version of the Tier Overview pages.
  • FIXED Cannot unselect fit when adding new run #42
  • FIXED Only filling the run minutes sets the duration as Unknown #40
  • FIXED Http Error 500 on new run with emtpy rows #43
  • FIXED Ship size filter doesn't work #36
  • FIXED Cant select a fit when trying to "add a new run" #41

1.5.3 'Depot' release

2020 june 10

New features

  • Updates site style (Footer, icons)
  • Improves "My stats" page layout
  • FIXED server error uploading fit #35
  • FIXED Abyssal modules breaking import #17

1.5.2 'Smokescreen' release

2020 june 6

This is a bugfix and stability release.

  • Upgrades the loot value estimator, removes Evepraisal data source and adds Fuzzwork Marketdata and EVE Workbench data source
  • FIXED Incorrect item price displayed in fit view #31
  • FIXED Fit Picker not respecting fit privacy setting #30
  • FIXED Fit picker: "Last viewed fit" not updating correctly #29
  • FIXED Different detailed table ISK total and the summary total ISK show a different value #25
  • FIXED Cargo parsing of before repackaged / after unpackaged items #14

1.5.1 'Ligature' release

2020 may 26

New features

  • Lots of small bugfixes
  • Changes to new type bell graphs
  • "Unbreaks" old fits with pre-2020.05.26 patch module names
  • Improves site performance by caching fit related datasets
  • Adds runs to a fit's page

1.5.0 'Command' release

2020 may 17

New features

  • Support for fits! 🎇🎇
  • Updates item table to Surgical Strike
  • Adds new metadata for fits: Linked fit and T5 bonus room
  • Lotts of little visibility improvements in the dark theme - which is now default
  • Tweaked the layout for ship display, adding search and fit links and switched the popularity graph to use 7 day averages which makes seeing trends easier
  • Added new privacy selector for new run and new ship forms
  • Added run length to my runs table (xbigxgrizzlyx's request)
  • Reduced stopwatch location update frequency from 10 seconds to 7 seconds

1.4.2 'Wetu' release

2020 april 28

As you can see this project took a 2 weeks pause, that's because I prepared a different project to serve the Abyss Tracker with calculating the fits capabilities. If you are interested you can see that project. During this time some issues were found so this is just a quick bugfix release we'll use as a stepping stone.
Little enhanchements and bugfixes:

  • Fixed drop rate calculation bug (Issue 10)
  • Added a way to remove and reset the ESI token in settings (Issue 11)
  • Automatic open of before/after cargo panels (Issue 9)
  • If the last run had an after cargo and it was maximum 60 minutes ago, its after cargo will pre-fill the before-cargo text box(Issue 12)

1.4.1 'Accumulation' release

2020 march 25

This release adds:

  • Your public profile will show you everything and display a privacy message if you are signed in - on your own profile only, of course
  • Adds EVE style loot display for your profile page, and a range filter for accumulated profiles
Little enhanchements:
  • DONE Allows changing run privacy
The following bugs were fixed:
  • FIXED Daterange picker displayed incorrectly with the dark theme

1.4 'Personage' release

2020 march 19

This release adds:

  • Public profiles with settings
  • Adding averages to the homepage chart
The following bugs were fixed:
  • FIXED Frigate profit calculation should be adjusted to use 3 filaments.
  • FIXED Reporting a run while being signed out results in an error
  • FIXED Proving conduit spawn and usage was saved incorrectly
  • FIXED Some search filters are not working properly
  • FIXED Error screen when viewing a run with a blueprint lost in cargo

1.3.6 'Insight' release

2020 march 06

This release adds:

  • Improved list displays: Tiers, Types and ship names are clickable, link goes to the general search results
  • Added export options for the item drop table and search results
  • Reorganized the menu

1.3.5 'Perception ' release

2020 march 05

This release adds:

  • Replaced pre-made filters with a flexible search function

1.3.4 'Discharge' release

2020 february 27

This release adds:

  • Found and fixed the bug with the loot isk calculation. It was caused by Evepraisal calculating impossible to fulfill buy orders.
  • Flagging runs now works

1.3.3 'Carapace' release

2020 february 26

This release adds:

  • More detailed run income/expenses/profit table
  • Consistent calculation of used filaments in the consumed items table
  • Server configuration changes for trying to achieve a more stable operation
  • Delete your own runs
  • Flagging of other capsuleer's runs

1.3.2 'Vessel' release

2020 february 22

This release adds:

  • Changed server configuration to prevent memory and swap related service disruptions
  • Added ship's info panel

1.3 'Epoch' release

2020 february 12

This release adds:

  • Stopwatch for runs with ESI
  • Run's length display

1.2.3 'Agility' release

2020 february 11

This release adds:

  • Added side-scroll to tables for easier mobile display
  • Separation of frigate and cruiser runs for average tier loot calculation
  • Separation of frigate and cruiser runs for abyssal activity calculation
  • Added most common ships view

This release prepares:

  • Automated stopwatch based on ESI data to measure how much time you spent in the Abyss

1.2.2 'Declutter' release

2020 february 7

This release adds:

  • Advanced cargo analyser: You now have the option to add before and after cargo - the site will calculate which items you used up and what items you looted.
  • Canon death reason (auto generated)

1.2.1 'Acumen' release

2020 february 6

This release adds:

  • More interesting homescreen
  • Loot drop rate display in items list

This release improves:

  • Site performance when opening runs or opening item

This release fixes:

  • In some cases when the loot contains a previously unknown item, the tracker failed to calculate a drop rate for it and showed a nasty error. Not any more!

1.2 'Nocturnal' release

2020 february 4

This release adds:

  • Dark mode!

1.1.3 'Hoarder' release

2020 february 2

This release adds:

  • Adds loot table list
  • Adds item group listing

1.1.2 'Retrospection' release

2020 february 2

This release adds:

  • While adding a new run, Abyss Type, Tier, Ship, Loot strategy and Name visibility is remembered from the last run

1.1.1 Drops rate release

2020 february 2

This release adds:

  • Drop rate table for drop items
  • Drop rate column for run details loot table

1.1 Feature extension release

2020 january 31

This release adds:

  • zKillboard link
  • Loot type
  • Updated run screen
And prepares the database for the next update:
  • Filament prices
  • Item drop rates

1.0.9 Partial feature extension release

2020 january 30

This release adds:

  • Evepraisal loot value estimation
  • ESI points for getting item group
  • More Detailed data entry
  • Ship type
  • This screen 😜
  • Set the default visibility to private
And prepares the database for the next update:
  • Filament prices
  • Better reporting
  • More detailed run display

1.0 Initial release

2020 january 27

This was the initial release of the website.